Best All-Around Marketing Technology Stack

Top-performing marketing tools recommended for startups, entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators.

Best All Around Marketing Technology Stack

Featured Marketing Tools We Recommend

Digital Marketing

$108.33 / Month

Best for SEO Marketing.

Sign up on Semrush’s website.

Semrush Product Details
  • Discover all the best keywords to target and bring traffic to a website through Semrush keyword research tool.
  • Audit webpages and suggest ideas to improve landing page health and SEO performance.
  • Optimize a website for local searches to increase local customer traffic.
  • Track daily changes of keywords important to marketing.
  • Find unexploited opportunities to strengthen website backlink profile.
  • Uncover all the keywords and content in competitors’ SEO strategies.
  • Track hundreds of relevant keywords and their Google rankings on a daily basis.
  • Easily research keywords that have search volume relevant to any blog or website.
  • Page-by-page SEO analysis to consistently improve organic SEO rankings.
  • Does not include social media analytics

$99 / Month

Best for Social Media Marketing.

Sign up on Hootsuite’s website.

Hootsuite Product Details
  • Managed your social media accounts all in one place
  • Create and schedule posts across all social media platforms
  • Easily plan upcoming campaigns
  • Stay on top on incoming message from all the social platforms
  • Analyze your results and measure your social media engagement across all platforms
  • Schedule marketing posts from a conveniently managed platform across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Analyze social post engagements through one dashboard.
  • Ability to plan ahead for any upcoming marketing campaign.
  • API integration with LinkedIn does not allow you to use the @person tag

Communications and Graphic Design

$0 Start for Free

Best for text generation, grammar, and sentence improvement structure.

Sign up on Grammarly’s website.

Grammarly Product Details
  • Get real-time grammar and spelling correction online, through a browser extension, and on word document
  • Help guide the tone and voice of the content
  • Provides explanation on why words or phrases need to be changed
  • Improve writing over time with suggested grammar and punctuation changes
  • Free to start.
  • Automatically detect grammar errors and provide suggestions to resolve them.
  • Suggest appropriate words and phrases that improve the impact of a sentence.
  • Easily view synonyms to change vocabulary variation.
  • Challenge to recognize industry jargon and technical terms. Improvements are made through Grammarly’s generative AI assistance

$54.99 / Month

Annual Contract

Best for Creatives, Photography, Design, Video.

Sign up on Adobe’s website.

Adobe Product Details
  • All-in-one creative suite of photography, video, design, and user experience tools.
  • Help businesses create, source, and publish content across devices.
  • Desktop and cloud applications such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Rush, Illustrator, and much more.
  • Access to Adobe stock images, videos, and audio files.
  • Because the software is cloud-based, you will always receive the latest updated version at no additional cost.
  • One low monthly price to use 20+ Creative Cloud apps.
  • Adobe Creative Suite is the industry-standard design application bundle for graphics, visuals, and videography.
  • Require a significant learning curve to become an expert user of products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

Website Hosting and Templates

Starting at $20 / Month

Best for WordPress hosting.

Sign up on WPEngine’s website.

WPEngine Product Details
  • A fully managed web hosting service designed for WordPress.
  • More than 1.5 million websites are hosted through WPEngine.
  • Peace of mind with tech stacks, server security, updates, or server-side optimizations. WPEngine takes care of them.
  • The latest and fastest technology to deliver seamless, high-performance digital experiences.
  • WPEngine is constantly investing in rendering the best possible secure environment for all businesses online.
  • 100% focused on WordPress.
  • Quality 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Automatic WordPress and PHP updates.
  • Free CDN (Content Delivery Network.)
  • Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates.
  • Integrated web speed performance tools.
  • Uptime protection.
  • Automated daily backups.
  • Development, staging, and production environments.
  • Managed core updates and patches.
  • Threat detection and blocking.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Provide managed web hosting service only.
  • Do not provide domain name registration service.

$249 Liftime Access

Best for WordPress templates.

Sign up on Elegant Theme’s website.

Elegant Themes Product Details
  • A complete design framework that enables design and customization for every part of a website from the ground up.
  • Complete control over everything web design related, down to the finest detail, to create the perfect website.
  • Divi website builder is easy to start for beginners.
  • Divi includes advanced design system that has the ability to scale large projects and design website workflows to the next level.
  • 2,000+ pre-made designs.
  • 200+ full website design packs.
  • Complete design control over every web design element through the drag-and-drop visual builder.
  • Responsive editing.
  • Quick page creation.
  • History, autosaves, and browser backups.
  • Access hundreds of Divi extensions.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Advance customizations require web developers help

Email Marketing and CRM

Starting at $0

Best for marketing automation and CRM.

Sign up on HubSpot’s website.

Hubspot Product Details
  • All-in-one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for sales, marketing, and customer service
  • Attract leads through marketing with SEO, social media, live chat, video, and ad tracking.
  • Convert visitors into leads by personalizing landing pages, building forms quickly, executing email marketing campaigns, handling marketing automation, and more.
  • Translate data into strategies that move the needle with marketing analytics, slice and dice into custom objects, and bi-directional Salesforce integration.
  • Free to start up with up to 2,000 marketing contacts.
  • Simple to sophisticated marketing automation and orchestration scalable for any marketing team.
  • A plethora of integrations with other commonly used marketing technology stacks.
  • Excellent customer support from phone, email, and self-help documentation, to community support.
  • Can become overwhelming for startups with a variety of different sales and marketing tools Hubspot offers. The best approach is always to start small and simple first.
  • Limited flexibility and customizations for complex marketing use cases.

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